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woke up at 3:11. i'm down with 311. get it? down? their best tune? DOWN

anyway, got up and went. heard some wierd aninmal noises walking down, so turned on the hat light. when i got to where i start to curve right, approaching the bathrooms, i looked to my right and saw a pair of eyes staring at me! then another pair. then several! realized they were probably deer, hunkered down in the grass. that was very cool! man, the stuff you see when you're up super early!

1st cast at 4:46. water like glass. rather have some movement on the water. alarm went off at 6:05. i had 4 hits by that time. yikes! very little top activity at all. dead as a doornail. moved to my right to that tiny little 'cove' that has a nice shelf about a foot in the water on the point. nice to stand on. still nothing. then, i heard some noise back near the sweet spot, and hightailed over there. some serious schooling going on! i just couldnt reach 'em! caught 2 on the very outer, closest edge somehow. the big boy schooling was just another half cast away!

tied on an IMA grande 1oz topwater, but the coupla mins to do so caused me to miss the excitement. dang...
coupla boats were hauling past, but i waved em to stop and pointed to the schooling. by then it was pretty much over. but we chatted a bit and had a good time.

that 1oz is heavy. you gotta take it back slowly and allow it to 'load' before casting it. and it did go far! gonna bring my clear evergreen sb125 tomorrow. gonna have it tied on right at my 6:05 alarm.

also, ran into a new friend, steve, who shared his ideas about getting a loooong rod like they use at the beach, to get the lure waaaay out there. gonna check out surf casting rods very soon.

17 hits total. 3 caught.

tomorrow i'm gonna fish, then play golf with the other old guys...

oh yeah! so i'm eating the chorizo plate at recuerdo's. eduardo, the owner, asks me how i did. the couple next to me start talking fishing with me. i bragged about the sb 105 with the 2 trebles with spinners. the guy asked to see it. he took some pics. then offered me $40 for one! i kinda didnt want to sell one. then he grabbed all the cash in his wallet, which was $45. we made the deal. really nice guy, about to go on a 5-week fishing, etc trip with his family. wth, i've still got 4, with 3 shipping the 15th from TW. i think i'm gonna order 2 more 105's and one more 125, and do the 2-day shipping.

i just cant wait! neither could the guy with $45! can you blame him?
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