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woke up at 2:30. laid there for an hour thinking about fishing. got up and went fishing.

1st cast at 4:42am. water like glass, which isnt necessarily great for topwater. you gotta have some movement to help disguise the lure. still, it was a fun time to be on the water. or next to the water. or standing in it up to the bottom hem of my shorts.

6:05 alarm went off. i had 9 strikes, but zero caught. i think i pulled the lure out of one fish's lips. he pulled down, i pulled up.
i was kinda moving around just to see what would happen, instead of staying on the sweet spot. looking for bigger fish...made it a little more interesting, instead of just parking my butt in the same place every morning, reeling 'em in like crazy. uh-huh.
the schooling was another half-cast out, and i just couldnt get to 'em. but it was on out there, dang it. and in several more areas. so close! yet so far...
wound up with 23 strikes, landing 2.
tomorrow i'm bringing a big lure. a full one ouncer from IMA. added the spinner trebles. gonna see if i can get closer to those schoolies.
hit the carneceria behind the round rock academy. then hit the academy, where i saw a coupla guys in the hooks aisle and showed em the spinner trebles. they fish GT at cedar breaks most of the time. i bought some more. seriously. i need to have a yard sale for all the other stuff i have that'll never get used again.

oh yeah, i did throw the yo zuri. i kinda like that lure. it rises pretty fast. but then i tied the sb 105 back on and it felt like home. seriously. but for those times when i need to throw something that isnt a topwater, that's the one. of course, i have another one around here somewhere. why buy only one when you can buy two?
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