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gate to swim beach was closed again. i found out why...

greeted by a nice sunrise at ramp pkg lot.

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1st cast at 0618. thought about just sticking around ramp, but my regular spots were beckoning like mermaids. or sirens. or medusa. knew i was tardy to the pardy, but strolled over there anyway, lol.
had a total of 3 strikes.
craptastic. 1.5hrs and i aint caught a fish yet! they're pitching a shutout at me! and since i had to stroll past the swim beach to the ramp to get to my truck, i might as well stop and practice casting...and take a few pics...

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which is why the swim beach gate was closed...

depression setting in. no catches? yeah, just when i thought i was gonna be blanked, the swim beach started getting active. had some action! wound up with 11 strikes, 3 landed, 4 ran away. all in about 30min.

as i was making my way past the swim beach, i saw 2 trucks enter the SB pkg lot. WTH? got to my truck and drove to the gate, which was wide open, and drove over to the lot. 1 truck was there, but didnt see anybody. decided to exit. ahh...there was an employee, unlocking the exit gate!

we chatted. here's a summary.

they wait to unlock the gate at 0800 cuz of all the trash a certain group of people are constantly leaving all over the place! and there still is a bunch of trash all over the place. but better than yesterday. mainly cuz the dumpsters were emptied and they got most of the stuff from around the bathrooms.

now, i'm not sure what 0800 does, since i'm usually the only one there during the week. except maybe some asian friends, who dont leave trash.

tomorrow i'm gonna ask em if i can have the combination to the locks. in return, i will pick up a bunch of trash in my usual spots, which never get picked.

yeah, the 2 chairs were still there, lol...

stopped for a smoothie, and headed for PF, cuz i wasnt done. hit both sides for an hour. nada. now i know what the F stands for in pflugerville.

what were YOU thinking?
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