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waited 9 min for gate to open. the gate was shaking in the wind. bad sign...

rock pile left and right. nada. ( i let that one guy fish most of it cuz he plants himself there and never moves. i was 1st and had every right to claim it, lol, but i knew i'd be moving around like i usually do, plus the wind knocked the distance the lure would one point 30-40ft was all i could get!)

did hit sandy point to the right of swim beach, and the baitfish were getting hammered right on the shoreline. had a few swings and misses, and managed a dink.

sun got high enough to call it bluebird skies, which is normally bad for fishing. and with a strong wind roughing up the water, even my sb105 was being tossed all over the place, submerged half the time by waves washing over it.

went to cedar picnic, and had a coupla strikes, and caught a dink.

final tally: 6 strikes, 4 hookups, landed 2.

got another burrito at la machacoa. awesome.
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