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russell park. 1st cast 6:05am. kinda windy. low 70's. got spritzed a few times, but hung in there. will be packing a windbreaker from now on.
not much happening at rockpile. moved left past those little bushes to the sandy point area and cast all around, especially around that buoy thats in the water. caught a dink. but just left of that stickup i got crushed by a gar, who exploded out of the water and spit that hook 10ft into the wind! incredible sight!
also in that area the baitfish were really running from something, probably the gar(s). you can see their activity in the darker areas right up against the shore.
Water Water resources Sky Fluid Lake

and let me tell ya, they were boiling...right at my feet! really cool to see!
Water Asphalt Road surface Grass Landscape

wish i knew how to upload video. not that i shot any. gave up shooting video and trying to post it. around 8 everything came to a screaming halt.
so..back and forth in my usual areas. wound up with 14 strikes, 4 hooked, 2 landed.

then hit picnic area at cedar breaks for 30min.
wound up with 6 more strikes, 4 hookups, 2 landed. but the 3rd was the beast! i saw a bigun crash the surface, and cast just beyond and off to the side, and she hit it hard! in fact, when she 1st surfaced, i thought i had 2 fish hooked, she was so much larger than all the dinks ive been catching. she was solidly mouth-hooked, and i thought she was 2.5, based on how heavy she was to lift outa the water. i weighed her. 1.11???? no way! that's what the scale said. craptastic...

so, from now on, if i get a decent sized fish, i'm gonna weigh it. no more "landed a 3-pounder" BS and overestimating the weight of a fish by a factor of 2. (that's double, or times two, for the math-challenged, lol)

now i gotta rethink all the fish i've been big were they ACTUALLY? let's by two...get out a calculator...
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