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i had my boat ready! lotsa schooling in the middle of the lake!

1st cast at 5:09am. 10 casts (and a large cup of coffee from QT) later, i finally got hit. well, more like a tic, lol. i think these fish like a little bit of light to really get going. at 6:00 i finally felt the tide turning. at my 6:05 alarm i had 11 blowups and 2 caught, which made me feel that getting there early and walking down from the gate is worth it.

i did catch the edge of the schooling a coupla times, but for the most part the fish were gathered in the middle, and i couldnt reach 'em. that schooling looked incredible...

there's a bit of a point further down that has a shelf you can stand on, and the water is a bit deeper, so i tied my favorite non-topwater on; the flashy, shiny yo zuri that goes to 3-4ft, and quickly rises when paused. it had risen to the top, and i started lightly feathering it, but it was staying on top. turns out it was a fish keeping it up. i really like that lure. you feather it and it acts like an injured bait fish, or you can just bring it on in and it has a nice little wiggle to it.

wound up with 16 blowups and 5 caught, all before 8. then i went and got some tacos and a burrito at a carneceria. i ate the tacos. she-who-must-be-obeyed stole the burrito. i didnt argue. it's useless. "resistance is futile" kind of a thing.

also: satellite radio has a led zep channel all month. i'm not sure their stuff holds up quite as much as, say, the beatles or stones. the 1st 2 albums were incredible, but plant started singing like a girl, and i find his voice on those later songs to be grating and annoying. and page is probably the sloppiest guitar player ever ranked in the top 5 of all time...especially the live stuff. but they wrote some amazing tunes! just my opinion. i saw them i think in '75.
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