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Arrived at gate at 0557. It was up. But the swim beach gate was closed! So hit boat ramp and cast all around; landing 1 on 4 strikes.
Then made my way to sandy point, and on to rock pile. then cedar picnic. Nothing happening. Windy but manageable.
Trash everywhere!

a little mermaid? really?

Marine invertebrates Organism Terrestrial plant Grass Fungus

a lady picked up this bucket and started putting stuff in it...
Body jewelry Automotive tire Tire Petal Plant

Road surface Asphalt Grass Sleeve Tar

Automotive tire Synthetic rubber Asphalt Road surface Personal protective equipment

a floaty, and they leave it?
Road surface Asphalt Tar Grass Sidewalk

a teapot? they leave it? outrageous...
Toy Road surface Font Wood Asphalt

obligatory goggles...
Nature Azure Grass Reptile Wall

of course...
Road surface Organism Grass Asphalt Groundcover

a good car seat!
Plant Flower Leaf Purple Terrestrial plant

right next to the chairs! what the heckamente?
Plant Chair Road surface Wood Asphalt

Later hit PF. 3 strikes. saw a snake swim by...5hrs of fishing...
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