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1st cast at 615am, left of rockpile. headed right for awhile, then left to sandy point area, where the bite was best. throwing the sb105, cuz it casts farthest, and any size fish will hit, a qtr-pounder to 1.25!

excited to be back fishing. dang gout is nothing to fool with. worst pain in my entire life. make ya cry kinda pain!

by 715 had landed 5 LM, with another 2 disengaging.

caught another before 8, and also had a decent sized LM make a yuge crashing attempt, jumping completely over the lure in spectacular fashion!

then it started to sprinkle a bit too much for me. left just in time. it started coming down.

final tally: 17 strikes, 9 hook ups, 6 landed. it was a blast!

best action was on a slooooow retrieve, with a very slight twitch. topwater is just an amazing way to fish!
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