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my list of disappointments...

1. at the gate at 4:45am. it was closed. i had to walk down to where i normally park at the swim bch. it took 12min.

2. nothing on 1st cast. or 2nd. or 3rd. or 4th. it took 5 casts to finally catch a fish! wth??

3. a guy shows up i helped the other day. i pointed to a little point. he catches 3 fish in 3 min! that coulda been me!

4. i had to walk back up from ramp, which took 12min.

other than that, it was a great morning! set the alarm on phone for 6:05, cuz that's when i normally start casting if i wait for the gate to open. that way i can check my numbers to confirm whether it's worth it to get there earlly. it is. starting at 5:05, 18 blowups, catching 4, by 6:05. i woulda missed all that action! plus, jupiter and saturn and mars! wound up at 25 and 8, thanks to all that early action. think how disappointed i really would be right now with only 7 blowups and 4 would be unbearable...

had a yuge blowup at about 15ft out. fish just crushed it. yuge. but didnt hook up. i stood perfectly still for 3 seconds, then twitched my rod (!) but couldnt see the lure. it was 12ft to my left, almost on the bank! that fish was trying to throw my $23 lure on to the shore!

also, a fish was chasing bait, and a bunch of times he jumped completely outa the water! very cool.

and, a fish attacked the lure, got off, then crushed it again as i was pulling it in. ultra cool!
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