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woke at 2am. looked like weather would break. 430am-weather definitely clearing. i'm going fishing!

1st cast at 558. left of rockpile. had some strikes. think i landed one. cant remember, lol. oh yeah, landed 3 there, with a coupla misses. did notice an unusual sound behind me. turns out i had heard it before, several years was water from the river flowing into the lake! it was swift, loud, white caps, and knocked down the fishing!
the slightly darker water in the distance is the onrushing river water...
this pic really doesnt capture what was going on. big rollers. whitecaps all over the place. the sound. it was amazing!

Water Sky Cloud Fluid Lake

moved to sandy point and saw some action. throwing the 105 til the very end, when i tied the 77 on.

24 strikes, landed 6, 2 ran away.

mexican food.

hit PF, and ran into an ABFer! had a great time practicing casting and talking the sport. i hooked one, but it dove down into the grass and leveraged the hook out. wind was really ripping.

here's an oddity....that leaf stuck on my door from round rock to russell park. 26miles! noticed it still there after coupla hours of fishing!
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