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woke up around 2 and checked weather. rain starting at 9am. just enough time to hit the best time of day! so i went.

1st cast at 0550, left of rock pile. nothing really happening, but heard 'em jumping over at sandy point, so hightailed it over and started throwing the sb105. by 0710 had 29 strikes, landed ten. 2 ran away. one fish i had just set on land, with maybe half of it still in water, when it unhooked itself, went behind me (i'm still in water) and went right between my legs on the way back to water!

it became obvious the area shut down by 0830, so hit the area right of the ramp. nada.

34 strikes, 10 landed. 2 spit the bit.

as i was driving out, ran into a guy and his dog i hadnt seen in 2 years. that was cool!

drove by cedar picnic, but decided it was too exposed to the wind, so hit la machacoan for breakfast. then...hit PF in case the weatherman is right about tomorrow's rain. got on that little dock in SE corner. 1st cast....bam! biggest fish of the day at about 1lb! hooked another, but it ran away! 4 strikes, 1 landed, 1 escape artist.

smoothie king!

it was supposed to rain last night starting at 9. nothing! now they say maybe 9 tonight! how do they keep their jobs????
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