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gate was already up when i arrived at 0545. 1st cast around 0550. landed one! always great to get a start like that!
throwing the 77 with wind helping outa NE. left of rockpile. things came to a halt 5min later, so hit sandy point. it was on. at the end of the 1st hour had 15 strikes and 5 caught. 3 ran away. kept wandering back and forth, tied on the 105, and eventually hit boat ramp area, then brush pile cove. eventually hit cedar picnic. coupla strikes.
really, just wanted to get as much fishing in cuz the weather looks bad tomorrow.

final tally: 34 strikes, 10 landed. 6 ran away. about 30% other than mouth hooked. lotta slapping going on.

had to get a new phone, and i dont remember my login info here. want to upload 2 pics. will attempt again. fingers crossed, cuz one is a pic of a very unusual fish i 'caught' at picnic!
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