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yeah-the wanderer...
1st cast around 0550. wind just ripping, and i had the 77 tied on. it's a light lure, and the raging air kept knocking it down, until i couldnt take it anymore, and tied on the 105. focused left of the rock pile, then towards sandy point, casting all round as i wandered the shut down around 0700.

wandered to russell ramp and caught one, then to brush pile cove, and caught another. wandered all over the place.
took pic of a wandering deer way in the distance, but it's not worth posting.

final tally: 15 strikes, 8 hookups, 5 landed.

alerted my asian friends that bass keepers had to be 14 inches or larger, and the fine could be up to $4000! hope they heeded the warning, cuz they've been keeping everything. if a ranger comes along, they'd be in hot doo-doo.
Lee said he caught only 2, and they ran away. :) i'm gonna start using that phrase next time. let's all start using it! trying to get them to join ABF!

when i was a kid we lived in yuma, az. and got dropped off at the lyric theatre every saturday. one movie was a music-concert-type, and i'll never forget dion and the belmonts performing, and kinda made me want to do that some day. which i was very fortunate to do. check it out!

and another yuge hit!

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