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1st cast at 6:08am. foggy. could barely see where my lure landed. but that 1st cast got crushed by a yuge .5lb bass. that's .5. that means half a pound. hey, it's still a ton of fun! especially with these GT fighters. 3rd cast got a do the math... did see a gar about 8ft away. it was thinking about hitting my lure, but i had a bright, manly salmon-colored shirt on, and he thought it was pink, so he split.
there was a bit of schooling, but it was 80yds away, and by the time i could get to it, it was gone.
by 7:15 it was over. 24 blowups, 10 caught. i still made my way around swim bch and back, getting 2 more strikes. fished til 9. hit a carneceria on the way home. que bueno!
the 105 with that spinner performed quite well again, despite the fog reducing the spinner flash to zero. i later tied on a realis pencil 110, 3/4oz, but the 105 goes farther despite being lighter. also tried the azuma z dog, which got the 2 swings and misses.
all in all, a different, fun morning!
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