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...i almost didnt go cuz of the wind. hey! fish gotta eat!

1st cast at 0535. lotta wind, but had the sb105 half-ouncer tied on, and once you get to a half or more, you can still get it out there pretty dang far. the sb77 is 11/32, and too light unless throwing WITH the wind. i didnt retie once the wind was in my favor, cuz it would have been difficult in the wind trying to tie my special topwater knot using the special lightweight line i use. still, a productive morning.

had a coupla hits the 1st half hour, but it took a bit of light to turn em on! and the next 30min was a blast! despite the strong wind and roiled water, the 105 kept bobbing along, somehow getting struck a bunch. and even in these conditions, working it super slow was the key!
19 strikes, 9 hookups, 8 landed (rock pile & sandy point)

then i decided to hit brush pile cove, beyond the boat ramp bathrooms. this pic is of the milder waters somewhat protected from the wind...

Cloud Water Sky Atmosphere Water resources

at the mouth of the cove, buried underwater, is a big brush pile (fish hangout). had some attacks.

final tally: 28 strikes, 11 hookups, 8 landed

i'll take that!
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