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what a morning! kept checking radar vs predicted rain, and decided to hit russell park. very good move. started 15min late, which cost me a coupla fish, cuz when i got to my sweet was on! light breeze outa the north, so i declined to throw the clear sb 105, cuz if i lost it, the breeze would carry it away from me, and i've already lost one, and at $18, i'm gonna be extra careful, at least til i get some back ups, which should ship monday.

threw the IMA skimmer in clear, with a coat of glitter nail polish, just to give it a little extra flash, with a trokar treble in front, and a sureset in the rear, both nickle finish. the skimmer is one of the best topwaters out there, but it IS a tiny bit below the 105 in overall performance. the fish liked it anyway, cuz the breeze was so low it could easily walk. fish definitely like a clear topwater! i think it's in the top 5:
sb 105
azuma z dog
yo zuri
most others...

3rd cast and i started getting hit. in an hour i had 15 blowups, catching 7. then i noticed a sound coming from the north. checked for rain or wind. nothing... took the hood off to better gauge what was happening, and noticed the tide coming in. if you've ever been on the coast and the tide is going out, you definitely can hear it. it's almost like a waterfall. a far away waterfall, but that's what the sound reminded me of. so, out in the middle i could see water coming in! it was noisy, with some whitecaps here and there. very cool to experience. obviously, the rain had generated some additional waters, which then flowed down river into the lake. after an hour it subsided. just hope boaters are aware there could be debris in the water, and you dont wanna lose a lower unit to a slightly submerged log!

around 7:30 the bite turned off. this is happening all around the region. was watching a fishing show yesterday and they were saying you gotta get there before sunrise, cuz an hour after sunrise the top bite disappears. they were right!

worked my way to the swim beach, picking up another bass. then worked my way back, practicing my casting. they've opened up the swim beach, so i parked in that lot, saving 15min of walking to get to the hot spot. what a relief! only takes a coupla minutes now.

oh yeah, some gulls kept trying to grab my lure. it was hilarious! a dozen times they swooped in, forcing me to yell at 'em to keep from having to deal with a hooked bird. been there, done that.
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