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1st cast at 530am. wind is blowin' a bunch...i'm throwing the sb77 with heavier hooks. bad move. didnt really want to stay on top and splash water and walk, but i didnt want to tie something else on cuz it would take 2 casts time, and i'm obsessive about missing anything...
oh yeah, planets looked great again, but the alignment must have been off. topwater activity was minimal, if that!
full moon setting in the west looked much better than the pic...
Cloud Sky Water Plant Dusk

finally tied on the sb105, which casts a lot further, and caught a fish. but what a letdown from yesterday...
final tally: 11 strikes, 2 hooked, 1 caught. 3 hours.
what a bringdown...

btw, the only affect the other planets can have on fish, or your life outcome (astrology), is gravitational. the doctor who delivered you at birth had more gravitational influence on you than all the other planets combined!
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