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back to schooling! dang, if only i had my boat over here. saw a bunch of schooling 200yds off my sweet spot, and it looked amazing! some boats were in coves, and i almost yelled to 'em to get on the schooling, but i had my handsful with what was going on in front of me! from about 6:15 to 7:15 the feed was on, and the very outer edge of the schooling was within range. 13 blowups, with 7 hooked up. then...poof! it was all over... but what a blast while it lasted! all were a pound or less; not that i care. i'm after action, and for the 2nd day in a row it was happening.

after it died off i went casting further down the bank, and right next to the dark stump where i usually stop, were the pliers i had lost the other day! in plain sight! wth? looked there yesterday and saw nothing! very strange...

when i had gone as far as i thought was reasonable, i headed back to the sweet spot. set my backpack down. my other pliers were missing! wth??? had to hike all the way back and found 'em (red handles)...sacre dam!

had only a single blow up near swim beach. that was it. but a fun morning. and to think, when i got outa the truck the wind was blowing so hard i almost went to cedar breaks to get some protection so i could cast. glad i stayed!

ran into ABFer Golman and we had a great time talking fishing and looking at lures. everyone ya meet from the forum is great people! i hope everyone starts posting like it was back in the day. we need a revival of ABF!

"back to schooling" you should know which tune that line is from...

and robt, make sure you let me know when youre gonna show so i can bring the stuff we talked about. :)
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