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1st cast at 540am. dont ask how i got there so early!
it was kinda worth it.

left of rock pile. wind was howling. had to turn my head to the side a bit just to listen for activity. it was a bit chilly as well. almost went back to the truck for a windbreaker.

sb105 getting tossed about in the waves. but around 620 the fish started in. gar were everywhere; close in, as usual, but screaming outa the water chasing bait out to about 30yds, which i hadnt seen before. caught a half-pounder, plus a few strikes.

hit sandy point just to see what was happening, knowing bigger fish are usually there. caught a bigger fish there. kept going back and forth. just before you get to sandy point, there's a little opening in the bushes to safely cast. it's part of the flat, and the color contrast makes it easy to see fish in close. there were a coupla gar there, and one kept hanging there, so i put my rod tip in the water and hit his behind! he soon left.

final tally: 11 strikes, 4 hooked, 2 landed. left around 8. not spectacular numbers, but a fun morning.

then i wasted time casting in the bluebird skies. hit cedar picnic. not even a nibble. (started hiking around past the aluminum dock to get on the other side of the cove, but it's just too long, with the shoreline a steep angle, and slippery with gravel. so i bagged it, especially with the skies so blue. plus i never saw a fish jump on that side. gonna follow a path one of these days.)

stopped for a smoothie and hit PFville, just cuz i wanted to cast a little longer.
not a thing.

see this thing here?

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get one. academy. $14.95. fits on the bill of your cap. super bright! rechargeable!!!
went back and got a backup. Way better than the one they used to have!
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