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gate was open a few min early! 1st cast at 6am.
not as much top activity as yesterday, but still a fun morning throwing THE topwater...

Water Cloud Sky Natural landscape Highland

started left of rockpile, but wanted to see if sandy point had activity, so hit it earlier than normal. there's a coupla gravel areas you can stand on and cast all around the buoy. (you can kinda see buoy in the distance) and to the right of it i got crushed! what a fighter! but it leaped 2ft into the air and unhooked his big, bad self...dang...decent sized fish...
fished entire area and even got into the swim beach beach.

left at 830 and hit cedar picnic, walking all around to the north and the buoys at the cove entrance,,,2 strikes...

final tally: 20 strikes, 7 hookups, 4 landed.

so tempted to hit picnic early and make my way around the aluminum dock and hit the side nobody fishes....might do that tomorrow...
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