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1st cast at 605am. 1st cast got hit hard. landed a bass. great start! baitfish flashing in the predawn like fireflys!
with nobody else out there, i could go wherever i wanted. started left of rock pile. good topwater activity. landed 4. hit sandy point area and landed 3 more. 7 before 7! wanted to hit gravel point, about 70yds right of rock pile, cuz my asian friends are always on it, but nothing doing.
back to sandy point, where the fish are about 3 times bigger, and landed another.

final tally: 27 strikes, 11 hooked, landed 8.

did see, twice, gar hit baitfish and swim off with a little, shiny, silver fish in its beak. that was amazing!

also, #8 was a gar, who hit it as hard as any bass. freaky looking fish, to be sure...

left at 8 and hit cedar picnic. immediately had a strike, but that was it for the 30min i was there. toyed with the idea of walking around the floating platform at the back of the cove, but was too dang hungry. one of these days im gonna walk around there, cuz nobody hardly fishes that side. in fact, i'm the only person ive seen do it, altho i've found some lures in the past. it's just too darn hard to give up the rockpile, etc at russell park!
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