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GT 12/13

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Was out on Georgetown most of the day today and a great day it was for being on the water.....

Now for my fishing report. Threw the box accept a billed crankbait. Not a bite. Jigs, shakies, spinnerbaits, spots, CR's, TR's...

Graphed lots of fish and the water temp ranged between 56' - 58' so it's defiantly cooling down.

Got off around 3pm and talked to another fisherman on the ramp. He caught 5 on (wait for it...) medium billed cranks.

I think this lake is going to be my "challenge" lake... :mad:
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coulda been worse, you could be like me and call every lake your challenge lake! ;)
Think I saw you at the ramp. I was the guy coming in with the yellow lab in the center console. You were at Cedar Breaks, right? Was a good day to be on the water.
Man that happens to teh best of us sometimes.. At least you were out on teh water when it was 70 plus degrees. I was out yesterday and it was nice and cold trust me
Yeah, I was at Cedar Breaks. I was in the Blk/Maroon Skeeter.
Man, ya finally got a boat?! :)
That was me you talked to in the Skeeter. I caught 4 and my 4 year old son caught one just pulling a crank bait behind the boat while I was I was fishing the bank. I fish that lake pretty often, although that was the first time for me since it came up.

This maybe goes for a lot of the local lakes and won't get huge sacks, but if the fish are not biting very good you have 2 choices: 1) If you think you know where the fish are, you have to really slow down. 2) If you have no clue, you just need to cover a ton of the best looking water with crank baits. Like I told you at the ramp, I did #2 and I put the boat in about 10-12 ft of water and just run the bait parallel to the bank keeping it bumping the bottom. It is really hard to go wrong. I normally use a shad pattern bait, but since the water was little off color I used fire tiger. I tried to stick to the northern banks that seemed to have a little warmer water.

We got on the water at 12:30 and were getting off at around 3pm when I saw you because my son started getting bored. I did not want to burn my fishing partner out. The main reason I went out was because of the nice weather and to make sure my engine water pressure came back up after changing the poppit valve on my Yami. I was happy because my water pressure was back at 20psi and I don't need a new water pump. :)
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Yeah, I picked up an ol' Skeeter. Price was right and had the bells and whistles I was looking for. What more can guy ask for.

Thx for the input, as a longtime AZ fisherman, I'm finding that things are the same and not the same if you know what I mean. Arizona reservoirs and these here in TX have a lot in common as far as structure is concerned. water chemistry and forage are a bit different as they grow bigger here.

I was thinking yesterday about cold weather fishing here and what I'm used to out west i.e water temps <60'.   From what I saw on the graph the other day, I think the blacks are starting suspending and go white in color. To me that means breaking out the crippled herrings and doing the vertical jig... :p. I also saw the bait line at 40' with what were probably white bass hanging around them out in the main body of the lake.

Thanks for the kind word, I'm off work the next few weeks on a Co. shutdown so I'll be out prowlin..  Dave
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Cool, man! Congrats!!! Looking forward to seeing more of your reports (and big fish pixs)!!!
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