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cedar picnic area from 7-915. not even a sniff, and believe me, i can hear a bass sniff, especially when i put that stinky scent stuff on a lure, lol...did find a shoe. strange enough, it must have floated all the way from china, cuz that's where it was made. weird...

then i hit that mex place for a burrito. i used to eat there all the time back in the day. tab was $9.17. it was an outside pickup order. all i had was a $20. well, several twenties. anyway, i offered my waitress a bet. if i could guess her name, she had to pay my tab. if i guessed wrong, she could keep the change. i guessed Fabiola. she said Linda, lol.
ever since my daughter waitressed one summer i always tip yuge! Linda was very happy. so was i.

so then i went to russell park til 1230. nothing. chit, main.

i did have a burp that was on the positive side, tho. what a burrito!
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