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We ended up making it there on Saturday after a night of fishing Ladybird. I will post about that in a bit.

They had a contest of shooting 3 arrows, setting up a tent, and pitching a lure into a hoop. I am not a fan of those things but Anna my 9 year old wanted to compete in the 9-11 division.

We started shooting hoping she would not do anymore. Well we get on the range with the instructor. Ok, little girl. This is a bow and arrow. The pointy end goes down there. Can you pull it back, its really hard to pull back. It was a Genesis bow just like hers. She fires the first shot and hits a 10 just out of the yellow. He says very lucky shot. 2nd shot hits the 15 ring and he says its a 10. You could clearly see it was a 15. He says, oh must have a ringer here. I said if you feel the need to make it a 10 feel free, but her and I know it was a 15. He reluctantly gave her the final arrow and it was another 10.

She went out and built the tent in under 3 minutes with a help like everyone else was getting.

The pitching of the lure was done by a really nice pro. He was great with the kids. I guess she did really good there too.

She ended up winning first place and got a trophy and $100 gift card. She wanted a stuffed animal not a gift card. She walked out with a giant stuffed animal and she bought me the suicide duck.

Cool place with prices like Dicks sporting goods. We will be back. She has $14 left to spend haha
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