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Fished Fayette on Sunday with a couple guys I work with. This was only my 3rd time on the lake and their 1st time. We started out around 7am by the discharge (water temp 91) and caught 5 or 6 fish in the 16"-18" range on crankbaits. Then went to a cove with timber and reeds and saw several bass up shallow but wouldn't bite (water temp 81-83). So we backed off of them and made long casts...after switching baits several times we had em figured out. The bass were up tight to the reeds and I caught them on c-rig flukes, while my buddies were catching them on t-rig flukes and flukes w/ weighted hooks up tight to the reeds. We caught prob 15 or so doing that with most fish being 16" to 18" and one 21" fish (already spawned out), and only one short fish. It drizzled on us twice in the morning then cleared up in the afternoon. When the sun came out our fluke bite slowed down so we went over by Park Prairie and caught 3 nice fish on 5.5, one 4.5, and one 3.5lber. Left there and went into a protected pocket and caught a dink and a 4lber on shakyhead. Made our last stop at the timber in front of Oak Thicket. Caught two there on shakyhead about 15". My best 5 fish would have been about 19lbs. My partners about 11lbs and 10lbs each. Saw several boats fishing where we were but I think we only saw 2 fish caught all day by other anglers. Overall we had a great day!!!!

5.5 on Trap

4.5 on c-rig fluke
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