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I have a 6'6" heavy fast action Gloomis GL3 that I want to sell because I never use it any more. Asking price is $100 face to face sale. This rod retails for around $200 and has served me well, but just doesn't get enough use to justify keeping it. Originally when I got the rod and knowing little about it I accidently scratched the rod and got scared that the scratch would damage the "High Modulud Graphite" so I put a little epoxy over the scratch ::) I have used it like this for about a year with no negative effects. Although I am sure that you guys are familiar with Gloomis Xpeditor where you pay $50 and they send you a BRAND NEW rod of the same model with no questions asked! Just thought I would let you guys know just in case you wanted a brand new rod a lot cheaper than retail.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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