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The Maynards are hosting a tournament on Lake Georgetown this Saturday morning. Depending upon attendance this may continue. For now it's 6/28/08 only. The official rules are as follows:

(1) Sign up begins at 6:00 am at the Cedar Breaks boat ramp area. You may then proceed to your fishing area, but may not begin fishing until 6:30 am. Weigh in is at 12:00 pm. You must be inside the the no wake buoys by this time. Check with Tournament Director for official time at sign in.

(2) Tournament participants must obey all state and lake regulations.

(3) No trolling. Only artificial bait may be used. Only one rod may be used at any given time per participant.

(4) All boats should have measuring board, weigh bag, and an adequate livewell system. Livewells will be checked at sign in. This is a catch and release tournament.

(5) Only largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted bass will be weighed in. The bag limit is five fish per boat.
largemouth bass - must touch 12" but not 14" or be 18" and over.
smallmouth and spotted - must be 14" and over

(6) Dead fish may NOT be weighed.

(7) Entry fee - $30 per team (big bass included)
$25 per individual (big bass included)

(8.) Payback - 100% (1st=50%, 2nd = 30%, 3rd=20%)(Tournament Director's team is exempt from enty fees if seven or more teams enter)
Big Bass ($5 per individual goes toward big bass)
1 through 6 teams pays one place
7 through 12 teams pays two places
13 or more teams pays three places

I hope to see some of you there!
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