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Georgetown - July 16

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Launched out of Cedar Breaks Park

Wind Speed: SE 5 MPH
Barometer: 30.01"
Fished from 7-9PM.

It's been a while since I've been on Georgetown so decided to take my future 9 year old stepdaughter out for a go at it. Got off to a bad start at the ramp, looked like Dilbert letting my boat get away from me, had to jump in and swim after it. Ended up forgetting I put my wallet and cell phone on the top of my truck when I went swimming after my after I pulled out I quickly found out my cell ended up in the drink. After a little drying out, it is working so-so. Guess that's what happens when you hurry to get on the water before dark.

Enough on that. Put 3 largemouths in the boat that ranged from 1.5 to 2lbs on a Carolina Rigged watermelon red Nichols creature bait. Lost one fish on a jump that probably would have went around 3-4lbs. Fished ledges that dropped from around 8 or 9ft down into 22 ft+ water.

Found some fish schooling by the dam and caught one short LM and another white bass throwing a 1/2oz. jigging spoon. They wouldn't hit a black Sammy, small Pop-R or Roadrunner. My future stepdaughter lost what seemed like a real good fish on the jigging spoon, but we never saw it...could have been a goo, who knows?

There were at least 4 wakeboard boats out and I counted 5 jet skiers.

Other than that was a short night of fishing but didn't turn out too bad...
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She gotta kick out of seeing my swim to my boat. She's hooked now!
Now that is how to bond with future step kids, make it look like you make some silly mistakes and have to swim after your rig. Sounds like a good time on the water.
Got her throwing a Shimano Curado already, look out WBT!

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That's my girl! Soon she will be posting the fishing reports on here! ;D
Will you ask her if she will share her animal crackers with me? ;D
Sure, that's what she used to catch that bass.
Barnums are the bomb! ;)

I think animal crackers make people think that all animals taste the same. "What's a giraffe taste like?" "A hippopotamus! I had 'em back-to-back!"

RIP Mitch Hedberg
Nice report Robert sorry about the cell but I am sure your phone service will be glad to let you buy another one and another 2 yr comtract :mad:

thats a good looking catch :)
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