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Started fishing around 9:30. Got bit right away on the 2.8 Keitech so stuck with that for a while. When the bite slowed I started rotating with the Baby Z Too and got bit on that also. Got lots of hits that just balled up the bait and didn't get stuck. Clicked 18 by the time I quit around 1:15. Four were my hard pulling friends, the drum. Covered a lot of water. Only two wake boats and a ski boat so I was able to fish where they were not operating. 2.8 Keitech was Bluegill Flash on a 1/8 oz weedless ball head, Baby Z Too was on a weedless ball head or a weedless darter head. Caught more on the Baby Z Too but a bunch on the 2.8. Forgot to look at the water temp.
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