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1st - Brian & Troy 10.4 lbs. - $220
2nd - Mike & Jeff 6.7 lbs. - $132
3rd & BB - Greg & Wade 6.0 lbs. - $303

Good turnout with 23 boats. There were 9 or 10 overs brought to the scales.

I believe the first place team was the only one to weigh a five fish limit which included two nice overs. The second place team had a nice 5.0 and two unders. Third place weighed just one fish, but what a noney fish, garnering big bas and third place.

G-Town's level is still dropping and fish seemed scattered. A lot of teams reported a slow bite, but when you hit the right spot and depth, the action could heat up. My partner and I caught 6 slot fish shallow on a steep bank just before dark.

G-Town makes for a fun tournament because of the slot. You can have a good day of fishing with lots of action but have little to show at the scale. Just as easily you can have slow day but one or two good bites can put you in the noney.
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