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Well it was another windy night on Georgetown. There were 23 teams including the Maynards. The rain held off and a few fish were caught. Total paid out was $630. Here are the winners.

1st place - Dean with 8.7 lbs including a 4.5lb kicker. ( tie for big bass) $315

2nd place - Travis and Colter with 7.9 lbs including a 3.8 lb kicker. $132

3rd place - Eric and Garrett with 6.0 lbs. $88

Tied Big Bass - Landon and Richie with their 4.5 lb Bass. $95

There was at least one other fish over 18". Also, something to note, everyone seems to catch plenty of slot fish so even those not in the money are usually having a good time.

I have to admit I am at a loss. Just when I think it's in the bag the bag gets a hole in it, so to speak.

Have a happy Independence day everyone. See ya'll next week.
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