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Made the five mile drive for my last trip of 2022. Georgetown has been good to me this year. Got my usual late start with first cast at 10:23. Expected a slow day with the water dropping 10º since I was last here. The bite was slow but caught one here and there. Started rotating the 2.8 Keitech and 3" Magic Minnow for no bites. Added a Super Fluke Jr. to the mix and caught a big drum right away. Kept that going for a while and caught a little bass, then a couple more. About 1:00 it was calm and slick. I saw surface feeds not that far from where I was fishing so I put it on 10 and went out there. No big schools, one or two fish and not staying up long. I started throwing around and caught a small sand bass on a 2.8. Has several misses on the 2.8 so picked up the Magic Minnow and hooked up right away. To my surprise it was a bass. Schooling on top in 35 ft of 53º water. Caught one more bass out there. A slight wind put a ripple on the water and the schooling quit. Covered water and caught a few more. Clicked 11 by the time I quit around 3:50. Two drum, one sand bass, and eight bass. The bass were small but I appreciated the pull. Took a photo of this little guy just to show I was there. Water was 53º-54º with normal clarity. Caught fish on a 1/16 oz. Ned Rig, 2.8 Keitech, 3" Magic Minnow, and a Super Fluke Jr. The last three were rigged on a 1/8 oz. grass head.
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