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Made the 5.5 mile trip again. Partner met me at the ramp. We started fishing around 8:45. Thankfully the shad and bass were still in the same general area as Tuesday and we started catching right away. Not as many surface feeds as Tuesday but we kept working the area and clicked 19 by 11:30 when I took Partner back to the ramp. She had an awesome morning throwing only the Bluegill 2.8 swimmer. I threw the swim also and caught several on the nose-hooked Super Fluke Jr. After that I started fishing my usual places and caught one here and there. It was too windy in the afternoon to throw the weightless fluke so threw the swims only. Sometime after 2:00 it really picked up and the fish were shallow and eating. Some of my best fish were right up on the bank. When I made swim baits last weekend I made a few in Live Green color. It's a color I made up probably 30 years ago. Lightly salted plastic with very little large black flake, small copper and blue flake with just a touch of Chartreuse. The fish ate it up! I caught my last 10 to 15 on that. The overall quality was better today. Late in the day I had one that jumped off that would have been my GT PB. Clicked 41 before I quit at 3:20. Water was 78º-79º. Lots of boat traffic. Jet skis, paddle boarders, kayaks, wake boats, ski boats, and several bass boats.
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