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Didn't set an alarm but got up earlier than usual so started fishing at 8:20 Central time. Started with a Whopper Plopper in the boat ramp cove and had three or four swirls but no take. Wasted the first two hours fishing the little swim baits and the inurig which I will discuss in a separate post sometime. Had two fish by 11 or so. Went to a main lake point and caught four or five on the Super Fluke Jr. Fished a long stretch of main lake channel swing bank for one or two but at the other end caught several on the point. I had 15 by the time I ate my PB&J at 12:35. I still tried the 2.8 swim baits after that and caught a couple, also two drum and a magnum bluegill. Got lots of nips and grabs. The rest of the day I fished only the Fluke. Put every other rod in the box. Fished only points and corners and caught fish on every place I stopped. Was fishing the Fluke mostly as a jerk bait...twitch twitch pause. Sometimes they would eat it as soon as it hit the water. They were still biting when I quit at 3:45. Clicked 39 which includes two magnum bluegill and two drag pulling drum. I've embraced the drum bites and enjoy the pull. Caught the majority on the Super Fluke Jr. in Albino color nose hooked on a 2/0 Owner mosquito hook. Great day to be on the water. Surface temp was 75º.
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