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1/5/23 Caught six and a drum. One on a 2.8 and the rest on Magic Minnow. Took the photo because I didn't think I'd catch another.
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1/10/23 A brutally slow day. Caught this smallmouth and a little black in five minutes. Both on 1/16 Ned rig. Not another bite the rest of the day.
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1/11/23 Did not plan to go today but made a last minute decision to go. First cast at 12:10 and had 10 by 1:20. Fishing in the wind and small white caps. Not another fish until 3:10 when I saw a little chasing very near me. Threw the Fluke around and had several hits before hooking the fish in the last photo. I took the first photo because I thought the fish was pretty. Caught three more late so clicked 14 by the time I quit at around 5:00. Caught 12 on a 2.8 Keitech in Bluegill Flash on a 3/16 oz grass head. Caught two on a Super Fluke Jr. on a 1/8 oz grass head. Saw a few boats and two jet fleas. Water was 57º- 60º.
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According to Tinsley’s “Fishing Texas”, “the Guadalupe Bass… has a blotched, irregular lateral stripe…(with) 12 separate splotches or spots along the side. These spots on a spotted bass are loosely connected and number fewer than 12.”

I think that is a Guad, of a nice size, probably put up a good fight.
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