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Was not planning to go today but it was just too nice. Had some stuff to do so got a later start with first cast at about 11:20. Launched at Russell Park for the first time. It was well protected from the NW and W wind. Am happy to report the wind did not gust to 20 as unusual occurrence..I usually observe the wind about 10 mph above the forecast. A pleasant day to be on the water. Started with a 2.8 Keitech on a 3/16 oz. grass head and caught one right away. I though here we go...but no, not another fish by lunch time at 12:40. I decided to go exploring after lunch. I usually fish the same places but there is a lot of the lake I have never fished. I tried an area where I had never fished and caught a couple close together on the 2.8. Took the photo of the little fish because I didn't know if I'd catch any more. I think that was actually my third fish. I stayed in that area and caught six more. Tried a couple other areas but not another fish. So clicked 9 by the time I quit at 3:50. Six were on the 2.8 and caught three on a Super Fluke Jr. on a 1/16 oz. grass head. Water had warmed up to 55º-56º where I was. Satisfied with my day, especially finding a new area to add to my list. Only a few boats today. I did see a couple of surface feeds that were most likely bass.
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