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Got a surprise kitchen pass this morning. Made a quick run to Georgtown and launched a little before 7am. It was kinda chilly and foggy. Did not get any early morning takers. First fish was 4lb bass on fat free fingerling crankbait out of 4ft of water around 8am. I caught a few more in the 14-16" range running the crank bait parrallel to the bank in 7-10 feet of water.

Then fish then turned off for about 2 hours. Then I pulled out the shacky head with watermelon red cut tail worm. Caught another 4lber on 8lb test spinning reel. Proceeded to catch a couple 2lbers and a 3lber. All in all, it was a slower day, but the size of the fish were a lot bigger for some reason. Felt like I was on bastrop. Got off the lake at 12.

When things slowed down, I tried drop shotting for a little while on some fish that I saw on my depth finder. But I did not catch anything. I have no confidence in drop shotting, anyone willing to share the type of bait and set up you use on georgetown, please post or PM me. I really want to figure this out.
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