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Made the five mile drive today. Lots of boats on the lake today and some jet fleas. Why is it when a jet flea comes around the bend and sees me they change course and come toward me? I'm sure y'all have noticed that. Started fishing around 10:30, didn't start catching right away but one here and there and caught six by 12:30. Those were on a wacky 4" stick bait. Slow after lunch as usual. Tried a bunch of different stuff for no bites. Told myself that the Magic Minnow had been good on tough days so picked that up around 2:30 and caught one...not right away. Since the bite was slow for me I decided to throw that the rest of the day. My strategy worked and I caught six more by the time I quit at around 3:50. Clicked 13 for the day and was happy with that. Just the typical Georgetown fish that I catch. I didn't feel many of the bites on the Minnow..they were just there and in deeper water. Water was 58º-59º. She's 15.43 ft. low, pray for a flood.
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