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Bluestbird sky, post frontal, and north wind. I knew it would be a tough day so my goal was to catch a fish. Jim Hogg was a good place to launch in the north wind. No other trailers when I launched. First cast at 10:50. Started with a 2.8 Keitech which has been best recently but didn't get bit. I knew the conditions would require something completely different so next I tried a wacky 4" senko and got bit after a while. Kept fishing that for no more bites. Tried the Magic Minnow, Super Fluke Jr., FF Sonar Minnow and the 2.8 again in different areas but did not get bit until I got back to the senko. By then I'd caught two and had a bite that I didn't get so I told myself to stick with that and because of the conditions the bites would be few and far between..which they were. Except for a few casts fished that the rest of the day. Clicked only 8 by the time I quit at 4:50 but was satisfied with that considering conditions. Saw some boats loading up around noon. Talked to a guy who had skunked. Water was 57º-58º. Lake is 15.53 ft. low. Pray for a flood. If anyone reading this was at Georgetown this day I would appreciate report on how you did. No details necessary.
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