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Another good turn out last night with 31 boats. It was a good payout for a combined first place and big bass at $600.

1st - 6.8#'s with a 5.0 big bass
2nd & 3rd - A tie at 6.4#'s

It was a tight race for big bass with five over's weighing in from 4.5 to 5.0 lbs. It was heart aches when three times the standing big bass of the night was edged out by the next big bass by tenth(s) of a pound.

Dang it, my partner and I are gonna miss next week. We have to go to Lake Amistad next week, all week, Monday to Sunday with a big group from LH. I know, I know - it was a tough decision, GT Thursday night or Lake Amistad all week...umh! :-/

Will not have e-net (heck barely a cell phone, ya gotta go up to the second hill and stand on the tool box of of the ole pickup to just to call home and check in with the boss). With help maybe I can get some pictures up when we get back.

Thanks Ronnie and Eddy, another outstanding job.
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