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When and what are the cost for the tourney for two new guys tonight. We fish here alot and want to get in the action. We will be in a blue van pulling a blue cajun bass boat. If dad is interested we will give it a try.

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Cedar breaks ramp.

Check in starts at 5p, then you can launch and first cast is a 5.30p.

Have to be back to the ramp by 9p ( i think, but you can check that at check in )

$30 per boat $5 is included for big bass.

Check for the slot limit rules,

Blacks must touch 12'' cannot touch 14''
Blacks can be over 18''

Smallmouth legal size smallmouth accepted.

AIrFob and I are thinking about giving back our HHJ 3rd place winnings to the G-town T tonight.  :-/

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