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Only two teams showed this week. Some out of town at other tournaments and maybe the cold front kept some away. It turned out to be a beautiful evening and the bite was as good or better as I've seen lately.

Thanks Damon and Cathy for picking up the slack for Eddy and Ronny, I know it was stressful with the big crowd.

Good luck to Team Maynard at Eagle Lake.

1st - Jeff and Russell 9.4 lbs (2 overs and 3 unders)
2nd - Damon and Cathy 4.5 lbs

Had a 5 at the boat that I did a quick release on and we both had others hooked up but didn't land. Both teams reported landing several slots. That's an exciting evening on G-Town.

Lance it was good to meet you and Robert last week, ya'll come again.

Good fishing,
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