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Hello community,

I am joshua and my Company , marker 54, is a saltwater lure manufacturer. We are looking to expand our product lines into freshwater and need some field testers for prototpyes.

About us

We are a 6 year old small national company based here in Austin. We serve most of the inshore saltwater market from NC thru Texas and we focus primarily on Redfish and Trout lures. Recently m54 has developed a shad type lure that is being manufactured here in Austin using a scented plastic (similar to powebait). M54 has partnered with ProCure as the internal scent and want to develop a line of Bass colors for the shad style bait.

We are looking for individuals who fit the following profile

1) you must fish weekly (ie 52 times a year)
2) boat or kayak is preferred but you hard core bankies are also welcome
3) preferential consideration will be given to tournament (any level) participants
4) must live Austin region..some feed back will be face to face at times

Product given to field testers will be free but some work is expected.

1) You will be expected to use the prototype for the directed amount of time and then use a similar color / profile lure and record and report results back to m54..

2) you will be expected to give HONEST feedback. Negative feedback is as valuable as positive feedback

3) color suggestions / changes are expected.

4) any other suggestions , within reason.

Interested parties should email [email protected] please put in subject line "freshwater field testing"

PLEASE NOTE: it may sound cool to be testing prototype lures but most people burn out immediately. Using unproven product takes immense patience and perhaps hours of not catching to dial in. If you are focused on only catching your limits at all times then field testing is NOT for you. We have been doing this for a while now and we are looking for individuals who want to explore other aspects of fishing that don't require mentalities of : must catch limits every time out.

Marker 54
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