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Friday or Saturday night tourneys????

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Does anyone know of any tourneys on Friday or Saturday nights? I have seen for midweek but not the weekend.
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I don't know of any, but if you find one...let me know!
Guess I will have to see about starting one up. Anyone have any suggestions for the location?
You would probably want something with as little boat traffic as possible on the weekend. I would count out Travis/Austin.

Some options you might consider would be Georgetown or some of the Lakes higher up the river (Inks, LBJ, Buchanan). Granger is out there too. These lakes would be a longer drive for people though, but I bet you could get a pretty solid turn out. I can only fish on weekends with a day here and there during the week.
I was actually thinking about Granger. Haven't fished there since last Aug or Sept. There are some good fish in there. Hearing of people catching some up to 9 lbs. Not sure what time the gates close there. Was looking at maybe a 7pm - 11pm or 12am timeframe. $30 person $5-10 BB??
Travis is fine,and mansfield isnt that bad in the night time.every other saturday night,would be great!40 bucks per person and a 20.00 big fish option.I really cant beleive no one is doing these tourneys yet.lets get this party started quickly...6-midnight....Im in!
would like to fish something like this but no one has one going.
Planning an all nighter on Austin soon. Gonna start the summer off with some brews and bbq and fish from dusk til 6 or 7 am.

We're coordinating now to make sure we don't coincide with club schedules, stay tuned for details.
Wouldn't it be great to get some nighttime tournys started here in Austin. Check in at 10:00pm and weigh in at 4am. You can then have these tournys on Friday/Saturday nights. I think it's an awesome idea.
Back in Bama, there were tourneys on Fridays, 1 from 6-11 and another from 7 - 2AM and Saturdays 6-12 and another 6PM - 6AM. That one would almost wear your butt out!

Who is ready to start this thing? Saturday 7PM until ???
40 / 20
7-11! has a ring to it and its managable and doesn't completely kill your day after... TRAVIS!:)
I will fish in it for sure. I usually only fish at night out on Wake Austin this time of year anyway.

People were still wakeboarding at 9:03pm (yea with their lights on bc it was dark) when I decided to leave on Wednesday. :mad:
As low as Travis has been, I believe Lake Austin would be a better location. Even though I have never fished Austin and have only fished Travis once. Reading about the fishing and seeing the pictures I like Austin better. Which ramp is the best for Austin to hold the weighin?
City Park is right in the middle of 360 and Quinlan (those are the other 2 places to put in). The problem is, City Park closes at 10 pm. Quinlan is north and free and they have a small picnic table setup there. I'm not sure about 360.

Let me know if this happens, I could fish in a couple of them for sure.
A saturday night tourney would ROCK.
The reason I've never attended any of the week night tourneysis because
I work until 6 M-F. I don't like leaving early because things just don't get done.
If someone put it on I'll attend for sure.
Trying to add a poll to see who will definitely show up for a Sat night T on Austin. Hope this works. $40/$20 Entry/BB
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