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I'm going to lay this out this way and let this board pretty much decide for us what we'll do the remainder of the year until Sept.

The Friday Jackpot like most jackpots is about participation, without it payouts stay minimal. I'm more than happy to continue with it as the director (if you want to call me that), I prefer to see it as facilitator.

What we need to know is whether anglers have had too many scheduling conflicts to participate up until now so we can gage whether or not to continue based on interest.

I'm more than interested in any suggestions people would have to offer that would increase the participation. I've been considering lowering the entry fee by $10.00.

I'll monitor this for the next few days so everyone will have ample time to view it and have input. I would like nothing more than to continue because as I posted several weeks ago, I don't start things to quit them.


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For me it's a scheduling thing.

Between the demands of waork and kiddos baseball/softball there hasn't been much of a break to fish anything atm.

Hoping to get out and hit another Wed nighter, a few Decker Ts, while throwing in a couple Fri nighters..

That is the intent unless All Stars gets in the way :-/.

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