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Lake Fork Report 4-18

Water Temp: 60-65
Clarity: Stained and more Stained
Location: Birch Creek

Hit up Lake Fork last Thursday night. We had about 30 minutes before dark after we got there, so trolled around a little and caught a few on frogs up to 4lbs. The bite was on it seemed....then it rained a lot late Thursday night, and temps dropped into the 40's; we started out Friday and caught fish for most of the morning around timber in 7-12ft. Friday afternoon only caught one fish (our smallest fish 2.5lb) on a spinnerbait. The frog bite was over. We ended Friday trolling across the lake due to our Motor was locked and trimmed all the way up :)
Fixed our motor problem and decided to head South on Saturday looking for clear water... :mad: Went down to Wolf Branch, and water was slightly clearer, but not much. We had a 40hp aluminum boat so used a lot of time running South and missed any early morning bite. After getting skunked down South we headed back for lunch into the wind and got soaked ;D I mean like a shower. That afternoon we stayed North ;) Took it real slow for awhile, but only had two or three bites which were hesitant and missed. We had to troll back again because now our motor just wouldn't start :mad: Also, while trolling back, jacked our TM a few times, breaking the Transducer off the bottom, and bending the shaft, which made it really fun to operate. Imagine going about 600yds on a trolling motor that really wants to turn left and you have to put all your weight on it just to keep it straight ;D We finally got it back to the dock, but couldn't get a hold of the guy we rented it from. We were supposed to fish Sunday till Noon (turns out to be a great day for fishing), but due to the boat issues, we just packed up and headed out. I did nail one more big fish off the dock before we left, so all in all, caught enough to be happy. Thanks for all the tips Robertinaustin and others who responded to my Misc post. I think our main obstacle was the rental boat, but we still had a great time. Hopefully next year we will have a fully operable boat with GPS, a bigger motor, no cold fronts, and clearer water ;D; I really would have liked to sight fish :'(
No matter how much you plan for a fishing trip, stuff happens, and you just have to make the best of it i.e: bring a lot of beer ;) I love that lake and can't wait to go back again, and hopefully find some of the big females next time. Here's some pics.

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Nice pics LH ;) Glad you made the most of it and caught some fish. Even if the boat had other plans.
Sorry to hear about the boat issues but at least you still caught some nice fish. I'm sure you'll get repaid 3x next year when you go back :D
How much was the big fish?
Z, Nice report and pics. Too bad about the boat. Looks like you were still able to get on some good fish though. ;)

i used to fish fork alot back in the eighties when i lived in tyler. i can't think of many trips when we did'nt break something. one time we were fishing in my buddies water spider and sheared the cotter pin on the prop,twice, the second time we lost the prop too. well ,we were about a mile from the truck with no motor,no paddle and surrounded by grass mats and lay downs. what to do? thank the lord for braided line. we would cast our jigs as far as we could then burn them till we would hang up then pull our selves along. what a great time that was. we still managed some good fish so i guess it was worth it. anyway , nice fish, good job. matt ;D
That sounds like it took forever! :mad:

Looks like you guys had fun and managed to catch some nice fish in spite of the problems with the boat and weather. Sounds like the pros were catching all their big fish deep after the front. Did you check out any of the PAA events? I heard it was pretty cool with lots of pros hanging out talking to the fans.
We didn't make it to any of the events; too busy trying to catch fish. We tried looking deep a few times, but with little success. I think with the GPS we could have done better deep. Our big fish at Fork was only 4-7 caught off the dock, and I catch a 5-9 out of LA today in a kayak. Go figure ;)
Nice looking fish Lunker and glad you were able to make the most of it despite the boat and weather issues. What kind of aluminum boat was it? From the front deck layout it looks like an Xpress. Did you rent it from an individual or a dealer?
Way2Many said:
What kind of aluminum boat was it?  From the front deck layout it looks like an Xpress.  Did you rent it from an individual or a dealer?
No clue, 16ft and wet into the wind. Rented it from a real nice guy, Ricky's Boat Rental.
Sorry to hear about the boat trouble Lunker, but sounds like you had a good time anyway. You throw and red rattle traps over the grass?
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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