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Fished Fork on Friday and Saturday
Water temp was 70 on the lower end and 78 at the back of Burch, Big Cheney and Little Cheney
Air Temp was about 90 on Friday with wind blowing about 15 mph, Saturday was cooler around 80 with wind close to 20 at times did recieve a few showers on Saturday.
Water was stained for the most part from the recent rains, but lower end was clearer as can be expected
Report Fished with dad and brother, Saturday was the best day, once we found the fish.  Friday biggest was 6 on a white crankbait in 15 foot of water.  Fished mainly points and secondary points.  Did find a few topwater fish early, used watermelon red, senkos, and various plastic baits in junebug.  Saturday we fished big and little cheney, caught 15 slot fish between us, and one close to 3 1/2 under.  Was a fat chunk!  Fished mainly shallow from 5 to 8 feet.  Best fish were caught on jigs, with the biggest around 6 again.
Observation From what I noticed, the wind and weather has played a toll on the fish.  There are a few still spawning in the lower end which is kind of surprising to me, having fished here for years and most fish are done by now.  The points haven't quite turned on like you would think this time year.  Another few weeks and these fish will be hard at it chasing bait.  The perch spawn is going good right now with a lot of small beds, which in turn has got the fish shallow early and as soon as the sun peaks the fish move out.  
Surprise For the surprise this weekend, caught one striper, and 2 crappie.  For the crappie, the first came on a spinnerbait in 3 foot of water.  This crappie was 15" by the board, this by far is the biggest crappie I have ever caught.  The second came on a white crankbait and was 14 1/2" the second biggest crappie I have ever caught.  Dad caught one blue cat at about 2 pounds.
All and all a good weekend, just out killing time.  Eat Sleep Fish Skeeterdale
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