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It seems the FOM Central TX division website is down.  This means your can't register for the Belton Tournament online.  (as of 10am Monday, 12APR08 )

Reminder:  for those guys who normally register online during the last week and days of registration period.

-might want to get your registration forms done and dropped off.  

I'm sure Jeff Cook or one of the FOM guys will chime with some status on the website.

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It would happen to go down the week I am a Lake Fork working with the Toyota Texas Classic, and I get no reception. Gus ( webmaster) is working on the problem, and should have it back running sometime today.
BTW the TTBC was a blast and was fortunate to be on the Boat of one of the winning teams on the final day. (Lance Vick and David Smith) and officially wieghed their 31 pound sack of bass.
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