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Welcome to the board Tim.

Here is a link that provides some services around Lake Travis.

With the water level where it is now, Joens Bros may be inaccessible.  I heard there was talk about launching at Palface Park ie: Tournament Point ot at Mansfiled Dam.

I reccommend that first find out where the T Headquarters or launchsite will be.

For instance, if the launch is out of T point then we will need to find something around there, same for the Dam and Jones Bros.

Pace Bend Location:

There is even a place about 1-2 miles from Mansfield Dam.

Once you find out either post here or PM me and I willsee what I can do to assist.

The lake is a clear water lake (that was once deep). Normally very little structure, but with the lake low, structure is appearing.  


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The dam site will be fine. If you know an rv park in that area that would be great. Also what should I expect the pattern to be at tournament time. I have been to a lot of Texas fisheries at this time of year, but none without grass. I expect staging,what do you thimk?
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