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Took my Mother in law to the doctor yesterday afternoon. Her appointment was at 4 so we were there about 20 minutes early. Thanks to COVID I was not able to go inside but I had noticed a retention pond next to their office so I had brought a rod along. Started off with a Chartreuse spinner and quickly landed 3 small LMB (1/3 to 1/2 lb. each). Chunky little fighters too. Switched to a 1/4 oz. White H&H spinner and caught 9 more all about the same size. After having walked around the entire thing I changed to a watermelon wacky rigged weightless and started throwing it at the fountain. 4 more LMB but this time one of them was 2.25lbs. Finished up with a white frog just for fun and caught one more small chunk. MIL could not believe I was going to fish that water and was sure I would not catch anything while I waited. Thanks Kit for taking pictures before you went in. Oh yeah, she has a follow up appointment next week and I told my wife I would be happy to take her.
Keep your lines tight and have a blessed day.
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